Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting projects

Although I could complain about how hot it has been for almost two weeks instead I will talk about how much fun it has been watching one of my yucca plants perform beautifully.

It is right outside my sewing room, and it just kept getting taller and taller. It is now about 9 feet tall.

It has bloomed, and is really pleasant to look at.

As I have said before, I am really good at starting things. When I got my new sewing machine, I wanted to try some of the stitches, and get familiar with the buttons and controls.

I cut and sewed this little silk bag. It is made from a cross-dyed dupioni silk, with purple and brown threads. the cotton print is a Phillip Jacobs print. I bought them and the button at Waechter's last summer, with a little bag in mind.

This s just a practice bag, but when I make the real one, I will use batting, and do some quilting on the silk. The button is a very special button, and it looks like it was designed for these fabrics.

Then I wanted to try another little bag. The pink (mauve?) fabric is a Thai silk that a friend brought me from Thailand several years ago. I made a couple of scarves, gave one away, and have enjoyed the other one. I decided to make a little bag from the fabric I had left.

This bag is from a book I got years ago, called Omiyage.

There are several very interesting patterns for llittle bags. I made one like this years ago using Japanese fabrics. I must have given it away without getting a photo.

There are two versions, this one with two fabrics, and another one with three fabrics.

The pattern in the book does not show how to line it. So I had to figure it out, and it is not as easy as it might look. I finally figured out a way to do it, but it is not as graceful as I would like.

Neither bag is finished yet, but I will finish them soon, and get back to what I "should' be working on.

When I get them both finished, I will post pictures.

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