Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prague-ress (progress)

In case anyone is still looking at this blog, I thought I'd post a few photos to show my progress on my quilt of the 13th century buildings by the Prague Castle.

 It is for a Christmas gift, but I'm trying to work steadily on it now, while I have the time...

I started by having my photo enlarged at Kinko's, and then made my pattern from that. I traced it onto onesided fusible. (This is a mirror image, because I traced it onto the back of the fusible)

I started by fusing the cobblestones on, and I still have a lot of quilting to do on those. I had several different stone fabrics, and I hope they give the appearance of depth.

One of my challenges here is perspective, and so far, I think it is working.

I then fused several buildings on, and I am beginning to realize just how much detail there is in this photo.

It's too soon to tell whether the whole thing is going to work, but I am enjoying the problem-solving that I have to do every day. 

I absolutely LOVE the colors in the photo, and have enjoyed choosing the fabrics to capture that. I have used some of my own hand-dyed fabrics, and it's been fun shopping for other fabrics that read solid, but have the appropriate textures.

And now, back to work!!!


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  1. Looks great! I still have a few quilts to go before I get around to doing my own again.