Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finished a fragment for a fragmented quilt


I have mentioned before that, for about 10 years,  I have been wanting to participate in a  "fragmented" quilt. 

I suggested it to my Monday night group, and they liked the idea. We brought in photos and calendars and cards to choose from, and there are about four groups of us, each with a different picture to chop up and collaborate on.

My group chose this barn picture that was taken in North Carolina by a friend. I like the colors and the composition.  We divided it into four sections, and I drew the right hand section. 

We discussed a few 'ground rules",  and one person in our group offered to use her overhead projector to draw an outline drawing for us to work from.

It has been several weeks now, and I decided to get my section as far along as possible before we meet next Monday.

Since the grass and trees show Fall colors, I used a yellow green fabric, and did some thread painting to simulate grass. I found great fabric for the barn and the fence. All I have left to do is some thread painting on the trees and trunks.


The only change I made from the original photo was in what was hanging on the clothesline. The photo showed three white sheets, and I decided to replace those with three colorful quilts. I used some scraps of fabric with small scale prints, and I think they add some nice color to this section.

Now I can't wait to see the other three sections, and see how they look together.

In other fractured quilts I have seen, the elements common to two adjacent sections don't necessarily match up perfectly, but, the whole quilts still "work" and are fun to look at.



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