Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gone fishin'

I had a lot of Dupioni silk I had ordered for my charity heart project, so I decided to make another heart for the auction.

Like the first one, I wanted my heart to be oriented in an unusual way, so this time it will be sideways, and feature a fantail goldfish.

This was another opportunity to practice my machine embroidery, so the fish scales and details got a narrow satin stitch (aka zig-zag)

I love the way the scales turned out!

All I have left to do now is sew some more beads on, and stretch it over the wooden heart. 

I want to thank the people who have written me to offer to do a heart for the auction. There's still plenty of time (November 17) and it's a really good cause. The number of families needing to take advantage of the Food Pantry for the homeless has multiplied many fold this past year, and all the money from this auction will be donated to that cause.

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