Monday, September 21, 2009

Have a Heart!

I am writing today to see if I can get anyone interested in a very worthwhile charity project, but one which has something in it for YOU, too!

A downtown church is holding a charity auction which will benefit their food pantry for the homeless. The need for this has grown by leaps and bounds during the past year, and they are asking local artists to create Heart-shaped art that will be displayed at Pyro Gallery, and auctioned off on November 17, 2009.

The hearts which are provided to the artists are 11" x 11",  and are made of sign board that is 1/2" thick. You may do anything you want! 

When this event was held two years ago, mine was the only entry that was composed of fabric or fiber.

My hope is that, this year, there will be more entries with fabric or fiber to make the show more interesting.

Here's the bonus for the artist:

You may choose an additional piece from your collection of things you have created, and it will be displayed in a gallery at the church, and will be for sale. In addition to getting more exposure for your work,  if it is sold, the church will keep only 15%, and the rest is yours. In any case, it is good exposure for your work.

The auction itself is an enjoyable event, and it's a lot of fun to see all the different things the artists think of to do with a shape that we take for granted.

I wanted to do something with the heart in an orientation other than the usual one, so my "Love Bird" is made with the heart upside down. I am working on a second piece in which the heart will be sideways.

If you are interested in making something, leave me a comment with your phone number or email address, and I will bring a heart to you for you to work on. It's a good cause!


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  1. Hey Marilyn,
    Can you send me a heart? I can give you money for shipping, or should I just create a heart w/ whatever material I can find. Just let me know. This sounds great!!!