Sunday, August 16, 2009

Early Morning Bicycling

We got out early this morning for a bicycle ride by the river.  There was still shade, and riding was very pleasant. Later in the day the temperature was over 90, so I was glad we had enjoyed it early.

I got to see lots of ironweed; it is really plentiful this  year. I also saw fields of sunflowers and other hearty looking August wildflowers.

My Cardinal Creeper is finally getting the red blooms I have been waiting for. The vines are all over the place, and I'm hoping that it will attract some hummingbirds. Haven't seen very many this summer.

I plan to get back to my sewing tomorrow. I have several projects with deadlines, and I need to get busy on them!

Also, my quilt group meets tomorrow night. We are starting some group projects, fractured quilts, and I'm looking forward to starting on that.

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