Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who's Got the Button?

At the end of May, CBS Sunday Morning featured the Tender Buttons shops in New York and Chicago. They are both delightful little shops with amazing collections of all sorts of special buttons.  In my post that day, I mentioned another great button source, at the Waechter's Silk Shop in Asheville, NC.

I definitely had that on my itinerary when we went to the wedding down there this past weekend.

They have moved to larger and nicer quarters near Biltmore Avenue. Their buttons are more accessible, and their fabrics are much better displayed. They and the customers have more breathing room. There's even a reading corner for husbands, and they offer them a free beer or Coke!

Now that Baer's has disappeared from Louisville, we really don't have a good source of unusual buttons, or really good quality silks and rayons and other premium fabrics.

Waechter's has a gorgeous array of dupioni silks 
in every imaginable color, as well as all sorts of other silks and other natural fiber fabrics.

And here's the best news: They have a website from which you can order anything in the store.
They even have packets of dupioni fat quarters.

 Here is a piece of silk I got for a project for a charity auction, and a few buttons I splurged on.

So, here's their website address so you can  browse to your heart's content:

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