Sunday, July 26, 2009

Global Warming?

For all of the 30+ years that I have lived here, my "mystery lilies" always pop up right around August 4th or 5th. You can count on them.

But this year, in my yard, and all over the Louisville area, they made their appearance several days ago, around July 22 or so. 

Is it because we had an unusually hot June and a lot of rain, or is it Global Warming?

We'll see what happens next year.  I know they are not really lilies.  Although they have several different names,  I think they are actually members of the Amaryllis Family.

My  plants (and weeds!) are all doing very well this summer.  My tomatoes got put in late, but I should have some to eat in several days. That is, if I can get them before the squirrels do!

I haven't posted anything lately about what I am sewing. I am practicing my thread painting, and I
 am putting the finishing touches on an iris quilt that I have been working on for over a year. I am sewing hundreds of beads on it, and will have it finished up soon.

Today was such a glorious day , that we spent a lot of it outdoors. We had an early morning bicycle ride on some beautiful quiet roads in Anchorage, and then this afternoon, spent some time at one of our favorite riverside restaurants, watching the wood ducks and folks enjoying the sunshine in their boats.

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  1. Omg! I absoulute love these flowers and tried last year to find out the name of them without any success...I've noticed them in the last week and they seem to have a short life span of about 4-5 weeks. I like that they are leaf-less with the pink petals popped out at the top.