Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another fish story

After experimenting a little with rubber stamping with fabric paint onto fabric, I decided to do a little thread painting on one of the fish.

The fish looked like a pompano, so I used the colors you sometimes see on pompano. I especially like the silver. I put the silver in the bobbin, and embroidered that part from the back.

I used a variegated thread around the eye, and I like that effect, too.

The embroidery is about 90% finished. Need to get some gray thread for the pectoral fin, and fill in a few more details. I need to do more to fill in the face around the eye, and a little detail on the bottom fin.

I know it looks a little puckered around the fish, but that part will also be cut away when I put it onto a background.

Now for the background...


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