Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

It is good, that we have a time to "start over" or regroup, make plans, make changes.

Happy New Year, everyone!

I long ago learned that making resolutions doesn't work for me.

But my hope for this new year is that I can continue to do well what I do well, and learn to do better those things that need improvement.

Last year was a good year for me. I completed some good projects. I made some new friends, and reconnected with some established friends.

I traveled, and I enjoyed my home. I started a new job, which has been really good for me.

I am beginning this new year with the hope that I can finish some projects I started earlier, and that I can begin some new ones that will give me satisfaction, and help me learn new skills and explore new ideas.

One project, already in the beginning stages, is a collaborative project with Robert, a very talented artist whom I met in my Monday night group.

This year, in our group, the program each month will be planned by one or two group members. Robert and I offered to be responsible for April, and we will do a demo, and then give the group a challenge for May. I will say more about the theme of the project later, but for now, I am showing the fabrics for my "half" of the collaboration.

Back to my "goals" for 2011. I hope to get back to more regular postings on this blog. I always enjoy posting. But around last August, when my new job started, I entered a period of sewing less, and therefore I didn't have as much to write about. I feel it makes a blog more interesting if there are photos included, and I didn't really have much to show. So, here goes!

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