Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Your Pet Peeve?

I really enjoy the challenges we get in our Monday night group.

The one this month is to do a small quilt depicting one of your "pet peeves."

I am sure I share this peeve with you - drivers who are distracted by their conversation on their cell phone...

Yes, I am also sure that we have all been guilty once or twice. Even Sunbonnet Sue , out for a spin in her red Mazda Miata, is on the phone (talking to Overalls Bill?)

This was fun to do. I used it for more practice on free-motion quilting, and managed to use several of my metallic-like fabrics on the wheel, door handle, and the phone... I also used vinyl for the windshield...

I also tried out the monogram feature on my new machine, and it worked the first time!

Now, I will get back to my bigger pieces...

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