Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

I started a new volunteer job today, and I really enjoyed it! It is at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, on Main Street.

I loved being in such beautiful surroundings, and working with such nice people.

Today was extra busy, because it is the opening day of the Glass Art Society Conference, which is a big deal. There are  many people in town for this conference, including a number of famous glass artists.

There are three shows on at the Museum, including a wonderful collection of Glass Jewelry. The other two shows are by two glass artists who are receiving awards from the society.

Although this chair and table are not glass, I am including the photo for my friend Anita. She is a wonderful quilter and quilt artist, but she is also talented at making art using cardboard. (This chair and table are laminated cardboard)

I had a busy but wonderful day, and I look forward to my next day there.

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