Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cranes Deja Vu

Back on April 4, I commented how nice it was to have my Japanese Snow Cranes piece in a show at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea. The show runs from April 3 until around August 21.

A few days later I was notified that my piece had sold already, which is good news for me and for the Center.

What I didn't know was that the piece was taken away by the buyer. I know that is unusual, but the Artisan Center is about selling, not being primarily a gallery.

I was asked by the director if I had another black and white piece available to replace it in the show. Well, I didn't, but I got busy immediately and started another very similar piece, using my leftover silks that I had bought for the first piece.

One thing I wanted to try was to include a little patch of color on the second piece, and also to add some authenticity to the cranes.

However, I was told that other applicants for the show had been rejected if they had any color other than black and white.

So, the red caps on their heads was replaced with black ones, and I finished the piece several days ago and delivered it. I actually like this one better, particularly the moon and the branch at the top.

The third picture here is the new one.....

She said a number of pieces had sold, and the artists had also replaced them. Some were photographs and prints, which are relatively easy to replicate.

I am glad the show is doing well. I have already optimistically started another black and white piece, this time a bargello, to replace this piece in case it sells, too.

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