Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What is it?

We spotted this unusual image on the wall in the front hall today. It was apparent that the curved shadows were from a handmade forged table that a friend made for me years ago.

But it took a while to figure out what was producing the exquisite spectrum being projected on the wall. I have glass prisms at various windows in the house, and often enjoy the beautiful colors they create on the wall or on various objects in the path of their projections..

But there were no intentional prisms near this wall. After a little detective work, I discovered that the sunlight was passing through a reflector on my bicycle wheel. (The bicycle often sits in my living room when I'm not riding it.)


The second photo actually shows a bit of the table that produced the shadow.  I love the contrast that it provides.

Bob had to work fast to get these photos. Just seconds after he captured these images, the light had shifted, and there was only a shadow, no color.

I often see photos or images that make me think "A quilt waiting to happen," and this is one of those. 

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  1. How cool! That shifting light makes me think of how awesome it is that we manage to get any photos at all!! This would be a gorgeous color piece for you to create!