Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ultrasuede bag

For a change of pace, I got some of my ultrasuede out, and made a little tote bag.

It is about the right size for carrying an iPad, or just a convenient size for everyday use.

The ultrasuede is a challenge to sew, but it went pretty well. The cream-color on the flap is a lighter weight ultrasuede, very soft and flexible, and easier to work with.

I got it when Baer's was still here, and they had a wonderful selection to choose from. it was a splurge, but hard to resist...

I found this wonderful lining fabric in my black-and-white collection. It is designer fabric that I got years ago in New York. Glad I splurged on it, too. The black with white polka dots is a lined pocket.

I love making bags.

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