Monday, April 4, 2011


I am making progress on quilting my silk nine-patch.

After my last post, I started having problems moving the fabric, when trying to free-motion quilt. I checked the usual suspects -- feed dogs, dust in the bobbin area, tension, etc.

Finally figured out that a piece broke off my darning foot, and the foot wasn't lifting when the needle went up.

So the next morning, I went to buy a new foot. While I was making the trip, I decided to take my machine for a tune-up.

So now I have the new foot, a smooth running machine, and no excuses!

I love the little tulip design I did on the green strip.

I am just trying various designs at random. My main goal is to get enough practice so my stitches and lines are smooth.

The silk is lovely to work with...

( I know the photos are not good, but I just wanted to post something, as proof that I am doing something!)

I recently had the opportunity to see a quilt show featuring the work of Valerie Goodwin and Yvonne Wells. I have been a fan of Valerie Goodwin's work for several years, and really enjoyed seeing her work in person for the second time. I also enjoyed the style of the work of Yvonne Wells - in some ways, reminiscent of the Gee's Bend style, although her quilts are pictorial.

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