Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finished a couple of birds...and a flying fish!

As part of the monochromatic challenge in my Monday night group, I made this flying fish, all in silver. I love the beads and the mirrors on his back.

I finished this flamingo, and it has already found a new home.

I love the fluffy feathers on his back. I have a lot of photos of flamingos, and the variety of colors, from coral to salmon and pink, makes it a fascinating bird for me.

I also finished my second three-dimensional bird. I ordered the silver legs from a place in Florida that makes bird legs for model makers. I think they usually get painted, but I left mine silver, because this bird was also done for the monochromatic challenge for my Monday night group.

We randomly drew bags of goodies, and I was lucky to draw a bag of silver fabric and silver notions.

I used a lot of the fabric, beads, etc. on the silver fish, which I think I posted a couple of weeks ago. I had two mirrors left, so I used them for the bird's eyes.

This was great fun, and Bob made the wonderful leaf that the bird is perched on...

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